Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Debugging OpenStack with StackTach and Stacky

At the OpenStack Grizzly Design Summit I introduced StackTach v2. I first introduced StackTach earlier this year but never really had the time to update it. Since then I've been working on business metric collection efforts and StackTach was the perfect tool for it, so it got dusted off. The latest changes to StackTach are up on GitHub.

Also, I'm introducing Stacky, which is a command line tool for StackTach. It in a separate repo on GitHub (since you'll likely want to install Stacky in many places).

Here's a video that explains what it's all about, how to install and use it (best viewed full screen at max resolution)

EDIT: This video is a little old. There has been a lot of new functionality in StackTach around auditing and usage as well as new functions in Stacky. But you'll still get the general idea about what's going on.

Look forward to your feedback!

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